Success stories 


Meet Christopher: "Touring was my full time job as I would usually spend anywhere from 45 to 48 weeks out of the year away from home. Due to the pandemic that work has stopped and I quickly found out that there was a limit on how much time a person could sleep in one day.  I was feeling quite depressed with no job, no music, no travelling and my partner asked if I would be willing to get off the couch and get healthy with them.  I was definitely hesitant.  


Tyler and Makayla via FaceTime and they assured me they could tailor the program to our circumstances.  Their flexibility in making a program that fit me and my partners needs was extraordinary and really made me feel like I was being listened to.  Not to mention Tyler has a couple of video game inspired tattoos which was all I really needed to know ;)


I never feel like I'm alone on this fitness journey. I wasn't an unhealthy person but I never used to workout or eat any vegetables, that may sound like an exaggeration but I promise it's true (On second thought maybe I was unhealthy lol). Thinking about committing a serious amount of time into diet and exercise gave me anxiety, but these people I had just met believed in me! 


  In my personal life, I physically feel amazing. I am in the best shape of my life and tasks that may have left me winded previously, I can complete easily.  The mental confidence that comes with that is indescribable and I am so grateful to both Tyler and Makayla for giving me the tools to unlock that.


 If you are looking to get in the best shape of your life and grow as a human being then look no further than the MaiTy fitness program.  They have helped me get on the path to becoming the best version of myself and I cannot thank them enough for that, but almost more importantly I have made two friends who I will cherish forever.” - Chris

Meredith Wells Photo Credit Andy Dudik.j

Meet Ben & Nicola "Ben had just started his new job and he was facing a few months of lockdown and being furloughed from that job and Nic had just started a new job in a completely new industry. Lots of stresses and lots of lockdown (and many years of pre-lockdown) weight had been gained!

Nic and I had just had a conversation about the fact we NEEDED to do something about our weight… about an hour later Tyler messaged us and the rest is history!

Ben’s path has stayed very much on the weight loss line but Nic’s path has changed to digestion and nutrition to combat IBS. With this program, we were able to focus on the areas that we wanted to individually, as well as working together as a couple.

Our biggest success’s have been Ben’s weight loss, 3 stone lost in 3 months, and Nic’s is getting below 9 stone, which is her target weight!

For us, being fit and healthy for our future (Family) was a must!

We wanted to get healthy and live a better life, Mai-ty has helped us achieve that and if we happen to look any better by the end then it is a bonus! So we’d say, talk to Makayla and Tyler… as you might be surprised by what they can offer you!


Meet Sara & Sumaya: "As a couple, we've always really struggled with fitness & accountability. We both felt our bodies changing during quarantine, but felt overwhelmed at the idea of shifting our bad habits & getting healthy together. From the first moment we connected with Makayla & Tyler, we knew they had exactly the right balance of discipline and positivity, making us instantly excited to start our fitness journey with them. 


Working with Makayla & Tyler gives you the whole package. Their guidance for fitness, nutrition, and mindset made the entire process feel accessible for beginners like us. Having ongoing access to their brilliant advice kept us intentional with our health every single day. Even when we hit roadblocks or resistance, they coached us through & helped get us back on track with a modified plan. For the first time ever, we have an established habit of working out as a couple, and are feeling stronger, sexier, and happier - together. Their habit building exercises also gave us the tools to communicate better, whether we were talking about fitness or the future. 


We highly recommend MaiTy Fitness for anyone looking for kind, clear, and creative support with their health. Already planning to extend our partnership, so we can keep crushing our goals, one at a time."

Meet Meredith: "Like many artists I found myself unemployed at the beginning of the Pandemic. As a result, I think like many individuals, I was indulging in comfort foods and cheap wine and abandoned any sense of structure in my days because well, the world was ending right? I was losing my mind, all sense of purpose and direction, and many dollars on UberEats. The only thing I had gained during early quarantine was weight. 

What I enjoy most about this program is the emphasis on teamwork. I personally am someone who feels more motivated when working in a team setting so not only having Makayla and Tyler coaching me but also having my best friend working alongside me and being my biggest cheerleader has given me a sense of community amidst these isolating times. 

I think the biggest success I've had thus far is creating healthy habits. I was never an unhealthy person before (well at least before the pandemic...) but through this program I have been able to give myself the gift of optimal health and set myself up for peak performance when the entertainment industry opens back up again. 

 Being a disabled performer, my health was never something I took for granted but I frequently questioned if my body could handle the demands of some of my dream gigs. After months of consistent training, I'm more confident in my ability to do 8 shows a week than ever before.

As someone with limited energy due to chronic illness, I need to work smarter not harder in order to reach my goals, MaiTy Fitness helps me accomplish that. 

Just bite the bullet. You'll never regret investing in yourself or your health. 


Meet Rey: "I first heard of this program through my friend who had been part of the program for quite some time! He told me about what he was doing to stay fit. I had been dealing with a lot of grief from losing my job due to the pandemic, so I felt that this was the perfect opportunity to get back into shape and feel much more confident in my own body, and also have a much better outlook on life!

I think the biggest success that I've seen is gaining more muscle and strength. I've also been cooking a lot more healthy foods and have been feeling much more relaxed in my shoulders, considering how active my  job was.

Personally, I have seen this as a way for me to have a much more optimistic and confident outlook on life and how it can benefit my mental health. While exercising and recovering my body feels more confident getting up early in the morning. I have had a much clearer picture of what it is that I want in life and have a better understanding in how to handle any challenge that comes my way.

Professionally, I am certain that if I ever get back to work, I will be in more shape than ever before and ready to return to an environment that is very active in movement and to giving guests an exciting, happy and memorable experience! This program is making me more motivated to stay active when I go back to work, and it has taught me to always love who I am and what I do for those around me!”


Meet Tiffany:  "I got buried deep in some Jay Shetty and other inspirational podcasts and videos a couple of weeks ago. One phrase that has stuck with me is "do it until it's done”.

This goes back to holding myself accountable to anything and everything and it seems to be helping. Habits don't change overnight but I'm slowly getting better at cleaning while cooking, getting groceries in a timely manner and not waiting until I'm out of food and standing in the kitchen going "well fuck", even getting the mail and opening it right then. And listening to my body and helping it along the way.

All of this to bring me to a really magical moment that happened this morning.

Yesterday I felt some tension in my jaw. Today I woke up and felt like someone had hit my head with a 2x4. Old me (heck me of last week) would have stayed in bed until the very last minute. Maybe had some food and logged in to work.

BUT I got out of bed, looked at my naked self in the mirror and said out loud "I love my beautiful body and I need to treat it like I do." So I had some water, put a pot of coffee on, watered my plants, and quite literally shook it out. And now I'm already feeling better and I'm going to have a great workout and probably listen to some Betty Who."

Tiffany has been challenged to dig really deep. She has worked through discomfort and what would be "easy", and she is crushing her goals.

MEET BRITTANY: "I was recovering from past injuries and struggling to find relief. I was also not as committed to fitness as I wanted to be. And with covid it was difficult to have the motivation to do anything.

Friends!! My friends introduced me to this program, and since they were talking about how well it was going for them, I wanted to try. Also, the collaborative aspect was a great plus!


The collaboration, communication, and kindness. MaiTy was so helpful teaching me about form, and nutrition. They were also amazing at helping me mentally stay on track. Also personalizing my workouts to suit my needs given my injuries.


I was nervous about my injuries, and not wanting to hurt myself again. I also was hesitant about the online aspect of the program.

My biggest successes: Getting stronger, feeling better about my body, less pain, a support system! I think the biggest was learning to listen and respect my body. 

Now I see an overall improvement in wellbeing, which was exactly what I wanted and needed. Since I did the program during Covid, I didn't have much open up for me career wise, but the strength I feel day to day and the ability to feel less tired and fatigued is so much more important to me.

Makayla and Tyler are so incredibly kind, and respectful, so no need to worry about feeling intimidated or scared. They truly understand how to work with what you are willing to show up with. They are non judgemental and make you feel like family!

Do it! Take care of your body! You deserve it."


MEET RONNIE: "Before I started with Mai-Ty Fitness, I was mostly at home living out my life during the pandemic. I had previously been on tour which had been unfortunately cancelled due to COVID in the United States. I had decided to take it easy and relax because I was always working too hard while performing…as the weeks turned to months…I realized that my body felt different. I was always tired after not doing much of anything.


I have tried many workout routines via apps but I wanted to invest my money into a program that would encourage, educate, and create a workout that fits me! They (Mai-Ty Fitness) have more than exceeded my expectations! Their services make you truly feel like you are a part of a very special family from the first phone call/meeting! They wanted to get to know you and make it clear as day that this program gives/teaches you the tools to gain healthier habits to add onto your daily way of living!


What I loved most about the program was how personal it is. They make amazing themes for your workout that motivate and make you feel so special.

I never really last long with most workout programs. I find myself doing it for about 2 weeks and then my body doesn’t feel like doing it anymore.

This changed that!


One of the biggest outcomes from working with Mai-Ty Fitness is my awareness of having to take time for myself. I have a very busy schedule and want to finish as much as I can before I could even think about pausing and taking time to breathe. Tyler got me into Google Calendar which was an absolute GAME CHANGER.


If you want a program that just doesn’t treat you like another customer but instead…a family member. Please consider Mai-Ty Fitness. They really do care about each and everyone of those participating in their programs. They weave an amazing story for you with your very own program, one that they know for sure that you can make come true when you believe in yourself."


Meet the Mai-Ty Fitness  Guides!

"You got your dream bodies while planning your wedding?"

Yea, sometimes it shocks us too.

Coach Merkayla!:


At the end of 2019, I was struggling with an extra 10-15 pounds

from having a near-fatal accident, surgery, and not being able to workout and

really struggling with food during that time. The depression of a near fatal- accident

(I fell down a bridge on my bicycle which lead to two years of surgeries and physical

therapy), watching my career dissipate over night, and not being able to move my

body really packed on the pounds.

At rock bottom, I KNEW I had to change. My life was miserable. I dreaded getting

out of bed in the morning, and I had no confidence or drive in our relationship. I was

so ashamed of my body, I didn't even want to go to Disney, or leave the house for

that matter.

I regularly worked with a therapist, learned how to reclaim my relationship with my body, and started working out in a gym again. However, the coping mechanisms I developed in the pre-pandemic world, would not work for me in a pandemic world.

March 12th: I was in NYC and quickly learned the world was about to flip outside down. I hopped on a plane to Vancouver before the borders were expected to close. Tyler had booked flights to come to NYC the following week, and after the NBA and Broadway shutdown, we had a gut feeling that was not a good idea.

A few days after I got to Vancouver, the gyms closed, and our daily environment changed.

There was a pivotal moment where I knew I could use this as an excuse, or I could choose to come out of this experience better than before.

Tyler and I worked together, and created a beautiful system that we are so excited to share with YOU. From that, I can now proudly say that I have gained a lot of muscle, and reached my desired dream body during covid. I know what it's like to plan a wedding, balance a career, your relationship, and responsibilities while trying to make time for yourself.

I fit back into my clothes before my accident (which I could not wear from the time I started gaining weight). I feel confident and sexy in my dance classes (whether that's online or in person). Though we are back in a lockdown, we have built a system that keeps us from spiraling.

Tyler had the opposite goals!

Coach T4nK!:


I was barely 170lbs which was underweight and far from my

dream body, and now I can proudly say I am sustainably

200lbs of mindful mass!

And this didn’t become possible because we got lucky or

because we are some kind of extraordinary couple.

It became possible when we put our stake in the

ground and built a framework that works.

So, that’s our story. This story may relate to you because…

You might struggle with how to workout when the last few years have 

been unpredictable and maybe you even had to change your 

wedding a few times. 


You might be struggling with your weight or body changing from quarantine.

You may not know how to workout in a way that increases muscle and decreases fat.

You might find one another enabling bad habits, when you know you really want to be in the best shape of your life to feel confident and sexy with your partner, to travel the world, get married, and dance until you're well into your 90's!

If you want to learn our formula, the formula that has helped us AND our clients achieve their dream bodies, click the button below!

*Our certificates and accreditation include: Personal Training Certifications through ACE and NASM, 600 Hour Comprehensive Pilates Certification, Melt Method Hand & Foot and Level 1 Certification, bodyART certification, Optimum Nutrition Certified, and VXN Dance Cardio certification. We have years of combined experience training clients in person and online, and continue to study with expert mentors in the fitness, nutrition, and life coaching fields. 


Coach Simba say: