Is your protein powder killing you?

Is your protein powder killing you?

In 9th grade, I remember sitting in the fall theater show, “Arsenic and Old Lace”. Two ladies star in the show, and the plot thickens when their son, pledged to be married, discovers a dead body in their house. They reveal that they “charitably” lure in older gentlemen, and then poison them with arsenic in their wine. The hilarious play, while full of comedy and laughter, ends with the aunts poisoning yet another gentleman with their elderberry wine laced with aresenic.

What the heck does this have to do with protein powder?

Oops, that may have been harsh. But we were SHOCKED when we found out the leading ingredients & toxins found in many popular protein powders: lead, arsenic, cadmium, mercury, and BPA. These studies were based on ONE serving of protein powder. So, if you are on a weight loss or body building journey, and use more than 1 serving of these products per day (like we were), you are at an even greater risk!

"According to a study done by the Clean Label Project, out of the 134 of the top-selling protein powder products tested, many of those protein powders tested for having high levels of toxins, including heavy metals. They detected 70% of protein powders had lead in it, 74% detected levels of cadmium, and 55% detected levels of BPA (which is used to make plastic). Arsenic was also detected in these protein powders.”

But organic must be safer, right?

No, the opposite was true in many cases. Many organic protein powders contained 2-3x more heavy metals than conventional protein powders. This comes from the compostable waste from animals most likely containing heavy metals, that are then absorbed by the plants.

One study shows that lead in the blood stream causes neurological disorders such as brain damage, mental retardation, behavioral problem, nerve damage, Parkinson’s and schizofrenia.

Lead exposure also has toxic affects on human health like the brain, bone marrow, liver, and lungs. It can create organ damage, digestive damage, and respiratory system damage.

These substances are very dangerous at high levels can be linked to cancer, brain damage, and reproductive issues.

Plant protein is more likely to absorb heavy metals from the soil. Many organic fertilizers even have heavy metals in them.

What’s even worse?

Many companies have not even gone through a screening process to know IF they contain these. Or even worse, companies “certify” themselves, but will not release the results of third-party testing to determine that the results are safe and non-biased.

The quality of protein powder, especially in the case of heavy metals, FAR outweighs the cost. You will typically get what you pay for when it comes to protein powders, and since high-quality toxin-free protein powder is harder and more expensive to make, it will be more expensive.

What products received the lowest scores from this study, and another study done by Dr. Christian Gonzalez?

Garden of Life

Nature’s Best






What whey products received the highest scores?

A number of whey products including:

Performix Pro




What plant-based products received the highest scores?

Planet Protein


Vedge Nutrition


What companies were NOT willing to be transparent?

Beyond Yourself


Sun Warrior

The following were others studied by Dr. Christian Gonzalez.

“When you have a protein supplement that is very, very clean,” he says, “that proves, to the companies with high levels of heavy metals, that it is possible to do better.”

Our dollar speaks loud. Do we care more about our physique, or our effects on our long-term health and the environment? This also incldues proteins that come in plastic tubs instead of reusable containers and paper bags.

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